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Privacy Policy

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These terms and conditions are defined in Japanese. If there is a difference between the Japanese version and the translated version, the Japanese version takes precedence.

Doing all possible measures to protect personal information obtained from the user's everybody, is, will comply with other norms and regulations and the code skycode Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "skycode"). And, we will pay close attention to the protected as follows for the handling of personal information.

For the purpose of use

Skycode, for your personal information acquired by the Skycode, will be used for (the "purpose" below) for the following purposes:.

  1. Development and operation of systems and services to improve the convenience of taxdeco
  2. Guidance publication, maintenance, and Important Notices
  3. In this service on creation and use of statistics to the extent that non-personally identifiable
  4. Provision of information to the extent that can not be identified individuals against which the Skycode has partnered
  5. The answer to the question of the services, and inquiry etc.
Restrictions on offer and use
The Skycode, if there is a disclosure required by laws and regulations, except when there is a special reason in other cases there is an illegal act unauthorized access, intimidation, etc., herself for the purpose of use for purposes other than the information collected the, or, will not be provided to third parties. However, you may publish for information access information taxideco that have been processed statistically, the user's attributes and the like.
Measures to ensure safety
Skycode will take the necessary measures for disclosure of information collected, the appropriate management of information collected other prevention of loss or damage.
Cookie, for access log, Google Analytics
The Skycode, save and use the data, such as usage history of the Service or access information in order to increase the convenience to the Service, was obtained using techniques such as Cookie. However, personal information does not include information on these.
The collection and analysis of access logs we use Google Analytics. Data that is collected by Google Analytics will be managed based on Google's privacy policy.
You may pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act, it is the treatment different from the above.
Contact us for privacy policy
For inquiries about privacy policy of Skycode, we ask from Contact.