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Terms of Service

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The services are available to provide on the site in accordance with taxideco Terms of Use (the "Terms" below) (referred to as "the Service") taxideco (referred to as "this Site"). Please note The following are the person who use the Service (hereinafter referred to as "Users") is, because it is considered by the available taxideco, the one you agree to the Terms.

taxideco Terms of Use

1. The scope of application of the present Terms and Conditions
This Agreement applies Skycode Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Skycode") for the use of this service provided by the. The person of the user, I assumed that was used after approval of the regulations set forth in this Agreement.
2. Changing the Terms of revision
This Agreement, you shall be able to change without notice or prior notice to the user. If this Agreement has been changed, when the user use the Service after the change, and what this agreement after the change is applied.
3. Note of use of the Service on
  1. You will have to come up users to judgment as to the interpretation of the information delivered from taxideco, to be used at your own risk and reliability for.
  2. User shall with the exception of the content and some services, and free use of the Service. However, the equipment associated with the use of the Service, software, and communication charges will be borne by the user.
  3. Skycode, and assume that you can relate to, such as specific information of the user who treated statistically is difficult to publish.
  4. If it is determined the rights of other users, property, life or of a third party, body, or that there is a need to protect such property or for the protection of service or code Sky, Skycode, of such protection it is assumed that it is possible to court information and data, and provides and disclosed in the public institutions investigative institution to the extent necessary to make.
4. Prohibition

The user shall not take any action to complete the following using this service.

  1. Act that could contrary to conventional wisdom laws and regulations, or public order or contrary
  2. Antisocial behavior, or to aid this, encourage, promote, or act that is involved or Criminal
  3. Act of providing or using harmful programs such as computer viruses, acts or Recommended
  4. Action that may be appropriate or illegally, the appropriate illegally
  5. The violation of public policy (such as prostitution, violence, brutality) or laws and regulations, the act of prejudice to the Skycode or third party
  6. Act of attempting to gain unauthorized access to a network or other computer systems that are connected to the Service
  7. Act of alteration, erasing the information that can be utilized in accordance with the present service, or the act of sending and posting information that the fear and information contrary to fact
  8. Copyright of Skycode or third party, patent rights, intellectual property rights and other trademark rights, or actions that could infringe on acts or infringe the intellectual property rights of trade secrets, etc.
  9. Act that may or their act, a violation of the privacy or property of Skycode or third party
  10. Act that may or their act, damage or disadvantage to Skycode or third party
  11. Act which promotes action set forth in the preceding items
  12. Any other activities that Skycode is deemed inappropriate
5. Disclaimer
  1. We ask that you be done under the full responsibility of the user your own act and any accompanying this service available.
  2. Skycode, any warranty about the content and whether license or accuracy of writing and information of users and third party due to the Service or the Site, legality, morality, recency, appropriateness and copyright it shall not be responsible for any liability that can not be associated with this, and also not in the business of.
  3. Skycode does not assume any responsibility, regardless of the direct and indirect for loss or damage incurred in connection with your use of the Services.
6. Suspension or termination of service

The Skycode, if this is the case in any of the following, without a prior notice to the user, you may want to end completely or temporarily suspend the provision of the service. I do not guarantee for any damage that may occur due to this.

  1. If the Company has determined that there is a possibility to be used to conduct the service is contrary to the public interest or crime
  2. If there is a need of maintenance services for facilities and systems, etc.
  3. If the service is unable to provide power failure, fire, etc., due to a failure of social infrastructure
  4. If the provision of service can not be a natural disaster, war, force majeure in the riots, etc.
  5. If the service can not be provided by measures based on the laws and regulations
  6. In addition, operational, if the Company judges that it is necessary to suspend the service for technical reasons
7. Protection of personal information
Skycode will comply with Privacy Policy to protect personal information appropriately, be posted on this site on a separate Skycode.
8. Exclusive jurisdiction and applicable law
  1. This Agreement and the Masafumi the Japanese.
  2. With regard to the interpretation of this Agreement established, efficacy, and performance, it shall apply the laws of Japan.
  3. All disputes related to the case of a dispute between users and Skycode, which you acquired an exclusive Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.